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To setupset up your 2125 as a modem, follow the stepsthese below:steps:

  1. Start > More > More > Accessories > Modem Link
  2. Select USB under ConnectionsConnections.
  3. Ensure the Access point name is wap.cingularwap.cingular.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. Insert the Getting Started CD that came with the phone. The modem drivers are located on the CDCD.
  6. Connect the 2125 to the computer with the USB cablecable.
  7. The "Found New Hardware" wizard should appear.
  8. Choose "Install from a specific location",location," then search for the best drivers.
  9. Follow the on screenon-screen installation instructions and select FinishFinish.

Once the modem has been installed, create a new connection on the computercomputer:

  1. Create a New Connection: Start Menu > Control panel > Network Connections > Create New Connection
  2. Walk Throughthrough the Connection Wizardwizard:
    • Select Connect to the Internet, Clickclick Next
    • Select Set up my connection Manually,manually, Clickclick Next
    • Connect using a dial-up modem, Clickclick Next
    • Select Modem - HTC USB Modem (Com7), Clickclick Next
    • Type a name Cingular GPRS, Clickclick Next
    • Enter *99# into the Phone number field, Clickclick Next
    • Enter the User name: [email protected] and Password: CINGULAR1, Clickclick Next
    • Click Finish
  3. Click Dial on your Cingular GPRS Connection or from Network Connections right Clickrightclick and Connect.
  4. Your computer will now connect to the internetInternet via GPRS.

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