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This page displays Recently Updated To-Dos associated with this site.
(what's this?What is a To-Do?To-Dos are a tool to help users understand what content is needed on the site. They are created by site members to:• identify content or photos a page needs• ask for help with organization on the page• let others know where they can help on the siteRead more about To-Dos at Wetpaint Central.)
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To-Do Type Page Started By Status Last Updated
Clean up / formatting Clean up / formatting touch pro 2 sprint talontsi07 Open Thursday, 8:48 PM EDT
To-Do title: Blank
Comment: Delete
Clean up / formatting Clean up / formatting HTC Dash / S621 /S620 Questions talontsi07 Open Sunday, 11:25 PM EDT
Add content Add content HTC 3400 (GENE) talontsi07 Open Sep 2 2009, 4:26 AM EDT