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  • faded white screen Hi,

    My tilt phone screen unexpectedly became very white, with the icons almost appearing as negative images. There seem to be a few lines that run across the screen that seem 'burned in'.

    Any ideas about what I can do?

    I like the phone, but it's pretty much worthless with the screen the way it is.
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    Posted: Feb 8 2008, 6:47 PM EST by battocle
  • 8525 Screen issue. I bought my phone from a friend, so I don't have a warranty. I've had it for almost 2 months and my screen has stopped responding completely to stylus taps. Also, when I slide it open to landscape position, my screen fades to white unless I hold it down in the middle. Does anyone know what to do to fix this?
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    Posted: Apr 5 2008, 1:56 PM EDT by emmaa37
  • Owners of HTC phones with the WHite screen of death UNITE!!!!! Hey, Mod,
    I sent in my 8525 to the company that Safeware uses (thelaptopguys), but they sent it back saying that the problem was a manufacture defect and refused to look at it. Safeware says they cover theft, accidental damage, including water damage. They don't mention manufacture defects. Perhaps, if they took the time to look at it, they would be able to tell if the data cable came loose, so, in that respect, you are correct to say that I should check into that more.

    Regarding the white screen issue, I would have to agree with another recent contributor that thinks it occurs when the screen overheats. He put HIS cell in the refrigerator for a few mins and it worked fine afterward. I did the same thing with the same success, and have also noticed that it occurs with much less frequency when I keep the keyboard open. Of course, I can't prove that the refrigerator is what temporarily fixed it. I have not dropped it, and I have done a hard reset, with the same symptoms afterward. It does not occur with repeatedly opening and closing the keyboard, either. I have just upgraded to the new WM6 professional, and still get the WS every once in a while. I really think it's the data cable at issue, but more precisely, I would bet that it is overheating (wait, overheating sounds more like a motherboard issue). Oh, well, I haven't opened it up, myself, but I may send it in to HTC and have them triage it for me. I can follow simple instructions to replace the data cable (as found on an an XDA developer site), but I wouldn't know if the 2nd hand cable has the same problem, or worse, if it is even the issue! Besides, for $28, they may just fix a loose connection in the process.

    Do you not agree that this issue is occurring just a bit too frequently among owners of certain HTC devices, and that it warrants corrective action? After all, car and toy manufacturers have recalls to correct problems, why not HTC?
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    Posted: Sep 23 2008, 3:09 PM EDT by aucdiver
  • 8125Touch Screen Problems a design flaw please reply 2 get HTC 2notice I just picked up my 8125 that I've had for 2 years and the screen has faded almost to white. I can barely read anything. Never had this happen before. Is this the problem everyone is talking about? If so, is there any fix or am I out of luck?

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    Posted: Oct 26 2008, 4:36 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • my HTC 8525 Hermes wont work hey fellow HTC users, ive been having problems with my phone. The screen works occasionally but not always and when it works it usually, key word usually, only give a partial image. What can i do make it work again. i did a hard reset and a soft reset and it dosent seem to be working right? what else can i do?
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    Posted: Jun 30 2008, 11:32 AM EDT by tommyboy2007
  • HTC Diamond Power save mode and receiving calls problem. Hi I have a problem with my phone.

    When the phone is on power save mode and i receive a call and when i answer the call, it automatically disconnects.
    For example
    1) Automatic power save mode
    2) I receive a call
    3) I press Answer
    4) Call automatically drops

    I have tried pressing the power button again and then answering but didn't work.
    It works when its not on standby mode but I dont want to leave the screen on fade as it will drain out the batter. Only if there is a way to tweak the fade to make it much dimmer close to having the screen off.

    The trick that i do now to turn off the screen is I go to media player and press my toggle screen off key. That way i can still answer receive calls. But i will always have to go to media player because thats the only way the toggle screen off key works.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Firmware updated aswell

    Thank you I hope you read the hope thing.
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    Posted: Sep 1 2008, 4:44 AM EDT by Anonymous
  • Dropped 8525 in the water Carefully dried it out over 2 days with batt and sim chip removed. When I power it up I get a screen with (from top to bottom) red(fades to black (about 3/4") with "HERM100"
    " I PL-1.03" in a white font and then still in the red space in yellow font it says "HERM100"
    "SPL-1.11" then the space below that is green that fades into black (3/4"), then blue...fades to black then white with the word "serial" at the top of the white. When I plug my phone into the usb cable the word "serial" changes into "usb" and the ring thing sounds on my computer and a "mobile device" is recognized on my PC. That's it. It seems like it starts to boot but can't. Does this mean anything to anyone ? Is there any hope? Also I've tried a "soft" and "hard" reset with the same result. Hope I can at least provide a smile to somone. Thanks in advance - k
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    Posted: Dec 2 2007, 6:00 PM EST by Anonymous
  • Serious issues with BlueTooth on the 6800 Maybe you got a bad phone. I have no problems at all with this phone. BT Calls work wonderful, and you CAN charge it with a USB cord, infact they even gave you one in the box. Maybe read some instructions and sift through what came with the phone before you bash it to all hell. Give it some time to have issues worked out, look at the 6700 it was worse than the 6800 at release, in all honesty, the 6800 has been a god send to me. I am so happy to get rid of the apache(6700) and the 6800 answered all my prayers.
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    Posted: Jun 25 2007, 5:34 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • My Screen Fades in and out, What Can I Do?
    Last updated: Jun 30 2008, 11:29 AM EDT by tommyboy2007
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