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Transfer from Motorola

Moving from an IDEN phone to Cingular 8125? Here's how.
  1. Set up a computer with Windows XP
    1. create a generic text printer
    2. Install Outlook
    3. Install ActiveSync
    4. Obtain and install IDEN phonebook manager from http://idenphones.motorola.com/idenProducts/utils/iDENDownloadAppsUtility_R01.00.07.exe
  2. Get the USB to IDEN cable and connect your old phone to the PC
  3. Run the iDEN phonebook manager
    1. Select 'New/Edit Phonebook'
    2. Select 'Load From Phone'
    3. Click on 'Print'
      1. select the generic text printer
      2. supply a file name, say iden.txt
  4. Copy iden.txt to a generic Linux, Unix or Mac OSX computer.
  5. Save the n2o script to this computer as well
  6. Transform the iden.txt to a form suitable for importing to outlook
    1. Edit iden.txt in a text editor and remove any formfeeds (control-Ls)
    2. dos2unix iden.txt
    3. ./n2o <iden.txt >outlookimport.txt
    4. unix2dos outlookimport.txt
  7. Copy outlookimport.txt back to your Windows XP
  8. Import the contacts into Outlook
    1. Select File|Import and Export
    2. Select 'Import from another program or file' and click Next
    3. Select 'Tab Separated Values (Windows)'
    4. Supply the file name and click on Next
    5. Make sure it has selected 'Contacts' as the target for import
    6. Clear all field mappings and hand map them to the appropriate Contact fields.
    7. Click on Finish to start importing.

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johnrodkey Notes on the n2o script 0 Dec 7 2006, 7:37 PM EST by johnrodkey
Thread started: Dec 7 2006, 7:37 PM EST  Watch
The n2o script places the 'name' field from the iDEN phone into the 'First Name' Outlook field.
Clearly this is not ideal.
If your iDEN has "firstname lastname" format for your name field, you may refine this script by inserting a tab and the label "Last Name" on line 14, and the line
sed 's/ /<tab>/' |
after line 11 . ( note that <tab> above is a literal tab character, inserted into the file.)
Likewise, if the iDEN name format is "lastname, firstname", insert "Last Name<tab>" before First Name on line 14, and after line 11, put
sed 's/,/<tab>/' |

I hope this helps someone. It was an interesting project to figure out.

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Unknown File n2o (Unknown File - 1k)
posted by johnrodkey   Dec 7 2006, 7:29 PM EST
n2o - script to reformat iden phonebook to outlook import format

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