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HTC Touch (Elf, Vogue)

The Sexy Touch, you'll always wanna touch!
The HTC Touch™ is the world's first phone to feature intuitive touch screen technology. Optimized for entertainment, the HTC Touch™ lets you enjoy your favorite music and movie clips through the integrated media suite. Stylish, smart and versatile, the HTC Touch™ opens up a world of media, communication and social interaction.
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Easy-to-use touch screen with the HTC TouchFLO™ Technology
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive email from accounts like Hotmail® and Yahoo!®
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Chat on Messenger and send photos to your own web space through Windows Live™

HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTCHighlights
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC TouchFLO Technology The TOUCH by HTC™ is the world's first phone to feature TouchFLO™, an intuitive touch-screen technology that lets you easily glide through Web pages, documents, and mobile messages with just the touch of your finger.
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Design The TOUCH by HTC™ is the world's most compact touch phone. Sleek and stylish, it fits nicely into the palm of your hand and can easily disappear into any pocket. Make calls, check e-mail, and download entertainment with just a touch or two.
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Entertainment With just a touch, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment. Slide your thumb across the screen to access a variety of mobile entertainment options, or zoom in and out of photos, maps and other applications.
HTC Touch Pocket PC - HTC Connectivity The TOUCH by HTC™ offers blazingly fast 3G connectivity and Bluetooth® to keep you in touch in a variety of ways. Just dare to touch and you can send messages, surf the 'net and download data faster than ever before.

HTC Touch Vogue

HTC Touch Vogue 100

HTC Touch P3050

HTC Sprint Touch

HTC Touch Vogue 200

HTC Verizon Touch XV6900

HTC Dopod S500

HTC Touch Vogue Original/Cooked ROMS

Original - HTC Touch (TELUS) Update - Version 3.07.661.1

Cooked - NFSFAN's 6.5 21926 XIP/23001 SYS Hybrid V13 GENERIC CARRIER ROM

- NFSFAN's Custom WM6.1 CORE 5.2.21041, SYS 21042.1.6.1 ROM

HTC Touch Elf

HTC Touch Elf 100

Vodafone VPA Touch

Dopod S1

HTC Touch P3450

HTC Touch Elfin 100

Dopod S1 - Enhanced Version

HTC Touch P3452 - Enhanced Version

HTC Touch Elf 300

T-Mobile MDA Touch 256

T-Mobile MDA Touch

HTC Touch Elf Original/Cooked ROMS

Original - http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=Elf_Upgrades

Cooked - http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=Elf_Custom_ROMS

Versions of the Elf:

The Elf is the GSM version of the touch

The first and original is the ROM128/RAM64 version or the Elf / Touch or the P3450

YI Code names are actually not an indication of the model at all. Code names will only tell you the manufacturing cycle / revision or regional information.

Currently there is the: Elf010xx Elf020xx Elf030xx
200 and 300 is coming from Europe mostly.

SIM Unlocking Phone

In order to use the phone universally across different carriers it must be SIM unlocked. This is different from CID unlocking which is what allows you to flash the phone with different ROMS. SIM unlocking was greatfully provided by rishi, and can be found here:

CID Unlocking
This is necessary to flash an unsigned or no-vendor ROM to your phone, a.k.a cooked ROMS. Some cooked ROMS provide their own CID unlocking and I recommend you use those.

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mark540 Save your sms from your windows mobile to PC 1 Sep 5 2009, 9:56 PM EDT by mobiaff
Thread started: Jul 9 2009, 3:38 AM EDT  Watch
Requirement: Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6Summary:[/b] GodswMobile SMS Transfer is a software application designed for cellphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0.It allows you to transfer and backup your Windows Mobile SMS with your desktop computer.

It can transfer SMS from Windows Mobile Phone to computer; Transfer Windows Mobile Phone SMS to SIM card; Backup SMS into Text file (.txt) or Data file (.stf); Restore SMS to your Windows Mobile Phone; Read and Manage Windows Mobile SMS on your computer. In one word, you can transfer your SMS between Windows Mobile Phone with your PC.
Key Features:
* Transfer your SMS Messages into txt file format and save onto your pc..
* Restore SMS Messages from a sms backup file
* Support customized transfer
* Support unlimited SMS and contacts backup/restore.
* Transfer SMS messages into a txt file
* Fast backup and restore speed
* Easy to use

Read More:http://www.godswmobile.com

Directly Download Link:

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0liveO1 Screen damaged? 18 Aug 22 2009, 12:54 PM EDT by gchurchwell
Thread started: May 15 2008, 11:35 AM EDT  Watch
Hello everyone,
I posses my htc touch since last december and yesterday, something strange appeared on my screen; some kind of coloured rectangle has appeared and it seems to be on the touch sensitive film. here's a pic to show what i'm talking about :
sorry for the pic quality, ain't got a digital camera :p
what's weird about it is that the "stain" forms a perfect rectangle and it is perfectly centered on the screen, being about 5mm away from each border. at first I thought it was the protective film which got some moisture but I removed it to chek and the stain was still there. what's even more weird is that it cannot be seen in daylight but only under artificial light! when i gently press on it, it kinda moves and that's what makes me think it's not the lcd panel but the sensitive film.
the screen works perfectly though and when it is switched on, the stain is almost invisible but still, I'm a feel a bit concerned about it and if there's a way you know to get rid of this problem, I'd rather act now rather than wait before it really doesn't work.
if any of you has an idea about it, i'll be thankful for trying to help.
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bestwestnmq I need ROM for htc touch double memory( 128mb ram and 256MB ROM) 8 Jul 21 2009, 7:52 AM EDT by aniljalela
Thread started: Dec 20 2007, 4:10 AM EST  Watch
I need a original ROm for HTC touch with omap 200mhz, 128MB RAM and 256mb ROM but I cant find where it is. anyone can help me? :((
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