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    Welcome to the HTC Wiki provided by HTC! This is a community site where Windows Mobile device users can share phone tips, tricks, fixes, and ideas. While this is a customer forum that is sponsored by HTC, HTC is not endorsing nor condoning any tweaks, hacks, 3rd party downloads, home cooked ROM updates, etc.

    Please use your best judgment and common sense when it comes to modifying your HTC phone. If you are new to this site or have questions about how to post click here. We also ask that you review the Terms of Use for this wiki and keep your posts clean and civilized; we are all here to help each other!

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    HTC WikiWant to change a splash screen or start a calendar in 'month view'? Learn helpful smartphone instructions or add a new help section.
    HTC WikiAn index for HTC Smartphones, this guideincludes name brands is a side-by-side visual comparison of HTC phones.
    HTC WikiUse the HTC Forum to discuss, ask questions and talk about your HTC phone. You can also search the forums for topics of interest.

    Featured HTC phones

    HTC Pocket PC

    HTC Touch

    (a.k.a.Sprint Touch)
    HTC Touch ensures you can connect wherever you are in the world. It's global connectivity capabilities include tri-band GSM with GPRS/EDGE and Wi-Fi. It's large 2.8" TFT touch screen with Touch FLO technology allows you to use either your fingers or or stylus to move seamlessly between functions.

    HTC Pocket PC

    HTC Touch Dual

    ("Nike" P5500 / P5520
    The HTC Touch Dual takes user control to a whole new level by combining the touch screen navigation with push-button key-pad operation, giving owners the freedom to find the most comfortable way to communicate. With the flick of a thumb, the touch screen slides to reveal a 16 or 20 key keyboard, perfect for SMS and email.

    HTC Touch Cruise

    HTC Touch Cruise

    A beautiful feature-packed touch screen phone featuring integrated GPS navigation and TomTom map software for the ultimate communication and navigation experience.

    HTC Pocket PC

    HTC Mogul

    The HTC Mogul has fast broadband and Wi-Fi speeds and supports over-the-air music downloads. The 2.8" screen has a 320 x 240 resolution and it's compact QWERTY keyboard allows for quick SMS and email.

    HTC Phones

    HTC produces a wide range of Smartphones and Pocket PC phones. Below, each device is listed by its HTC codename first, followed by a list of a.k.a. (also known as) names to introduce the device's various branded models.

    Don't see your phone displayed below?
    Start a new page for it in the Smartphone Guides section.

    HTC Smartphones

    HTC Hot Topics

    HTC WikiGoogle Phone

    Word has it that HTC is coming out with a Google Phone. Google has shown a prototype to vendors, but no word yet on when it's coming out.

    HTC Wiki

    HTC Software

    Gather new ideas and share info on how to optimize your device with the best smartphone software on the market. If you know of Smartphone software, specifically free Smartphone software, share it with the wiki!

    HTC Wiki

    Smartphones in the News

    Find out the latest scoop on HTC phones, or write your own scoop.

    HTC Wiki

    About Smartphones

    Why choose a smartphone? Get the lowdown on what makes a Smartphone different and wh
    HTC Smarphone HTC Smarphone
    HTC Smarphone HTC Smarphone
    (a.k.a. HTC S710, Orange SPV E650)
    (aka T-Mobile Shadow)
    a.k.a Orange SPV C600, Cingular 2125)
    (a.k.a. T-Mobile SDA, Dopod 577W, i-Mate SP5/SP5m, Qtek 8300/8310)
    HTC Wiki
    HTC Smarphone
    HTC Smartphone
    HTC Smarphone HTC Smarphone
    a.k.a. Qtek 8500, iMate Smartflip, Dopod S300, Orange SPV F600, Cingular 3125)
    (a.k.a. Orange SPV, Qtek 6080, Dopod 515)
    (a.k.a. Qtek 8010, Orange SPV C500, i-mate SP3, Audiovox SMT5600)
    (aka HTC S620, HTC S621, O2 Xda Cosmo, Dopod C720W, T-Mobile Dash)

    HTC Pocket PCs
    HTC Pocket PC HTC HP - Wiki Site HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC
    (a.k.a T-Mobile Wing) CONTRIBUTORS NEEDED!)
    (a.k.a. MDA Compact 2)
    Apache- Verizon XV6700 version Prophet
    a.k.a. iMate JAMin, Dopod 818 Pro, Orange SPV M600, Qtek S200, O2 Neo)
    (a.k.a. iMate JasJar, Qtek 9000, Orange SPV M5000, XDA Executive, MDA Pro, Dopod 900
    HTC Wiki
    HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC
    (a.k.a. HTC MTeoR, Qtek 8600, Dopod 595, Orange SPV C700, i-mate SPJAS)
    Blue Angel
    (a.k.a. Orange SPV 2000, MDA III, XDA IIs, i-Mate PDA2k, Qtek 9090)
    (a.k.a. Orange SPV 1500, Qtek 2020i, XDA IIi, PDA 2)
    (a.k.a. O2 Xda Mini, MDA-compact, Dopod 818, I-mate JAM, QTEK S100/S110, Orange M500)

    (advantage 7500 page)
    HTC Wiki
    HTC HP - Wiki Site HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC
    (a.k.a. Orange SPV M1000, XDA II, Qtek 2020, MDA II)
    Kaiser(a.k.a HTC TyTN II, AT&T Tilt)
    Contributors Needed!!!
    a.k.a. T-Mobile MDA Vario, Orange SPV M3000, iMate KJam, Qtek 9100)
    (a.k.a. TyTN, Vodafone 1605, Orange SPV M3100, Cingular 8525, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, O2 XDA Trion, Dopod CHT 9000, Dopod 838Pro, hTc Z, iMate JasJam, Qtek 9600, Swisscom XPA v1605, SoftBank X01HT)
    HTC Wiki
    HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC HTC Pocket PC
    HTC Shift Phone
    (a.k.a Cingular 8125, Cingular 8100, Qtek A9100)
    (a.k.a. Sprint PPC-6700)
    HTC Trinity
    a.k.a HTC P3600, Orange SPV-M700)

    HTC Wiki

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    zeitvogel Bubble Breaker (page: 1 2) 28 Yesterday, 8:13 PM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Nov 9 2007, 5:12 PM EST  Watch
    I got the 8525 about 2 months ago with bubble breaker installed at the factory. I am 64 years old and have never played a video game in my life. I have become obsessed with this game to the point I am sleep deprived and my husband is wondering what happened to his wife. The factory tells me it can not be removed. Can someone find a way to get it off my device?
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    Keyword tags: touch TyTN
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    Anonymous I messed up big time (HTC Touchflo 6900) 4 Thursday, 5:18 PM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Apr 26 2008, 8:49 PM EDT  Watch
    I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm asking radio shack staff and sprint staff about where the GPS is on this phone (they said it came with it).

    So, without really understanding "the fix" someone was all excited about, I proceeded to run it. Result?

    . I still don't have GPS
    . My Sprint phone thinks it is an Alltell and runs its banner. I tried a hard reset and a clear storage to no avail.

    Can you do two things for me?

    1. Tell me how to get my Sprint ROM back
    2. Tell me the truth about GPS on this phone?

    Thank you, whoever you are, who is willing to help me with this.\

    Patti Harada
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    showyn HTC 720 dies when sliding keyboard 15 Thursday, 11:20 AM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Mar 9 2008, 8:38 PM EDT  Watch
    I have a Telus HTC720. I works great except once in a while when I slide it shut it dies. I have to open the back remove and reinsert the battery and power it back on. I have no memory card, and not running apps. I checked battery contacts - were a little flat so I bent them up, but didn't fix the problem. Any ideas, patches, or suggestions? Thanks for any help.
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    Phoenix7344 "Sorry - session has expired" 10 Wednesday, 12:35 AM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Jul 10 2007, 11:05 PM EDT  Watch
    Has anyone seen this message when accessing a website - "Sorry - session has expired". I have a Cingular 8100 phone that I purchased on 6/10/06. I'm a day trader and I connect to the InteractiveBrokers Mobile Trader website - "https://wt1.interactivebrokers.com/MT3G/servlet/LoginS". I never had a problem until last month (June 2007). When I access the site, the site times out in a matter of 1 to 2 minutes and I get this message - "Sorry - session has expired". I have contacted Cingular, now the new AT&T and they stated that the problem isn't with their system. I have contacted the website and they stated that the problem isn't with their website. I have contacted htc, downloaded the new software and the problem still existed. I have contacted htc a second time and they stated that the problem isn't with their hardware. Over the past month, I have contacted AT&T about 5 times and their solution to the problem is to spend another $200 and buy a Blackberry 8300 Curve with a new 2 year service contract. I realize that this is a long shot, but I'm hoping that there is someone, somewhere on this planet Earth that can help me. So far, no one has been able to help me. Everyone just points the finger at the other guy. And AT&T will not take responsibility for their service and hardware that they sell. They just want to make more money from me for their issue. Anyways, this has already cost me a lot of money in lost stock transactions. I'm seriously thinking about getting a Treo and switching back to Verizon.

    email: [email protected]
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    Keyword tags: None
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    drtarnak HTC Mogul sync problems 1 Monday, 7:05 PM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Mar 6 2008, 5:19 PM EST  Watch
    I have An HTC Sprint mogul phone and i am not able to get it to sync with my computer. I have XP Pro and activesync 4.5 my computer sees the new hardware and says new hardware is installed and the activesync soft ware tries to connect with the phone and says no connection or no partnership created. the people from microsoft could not fix it and HTC did not know as well. Any ideas?
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