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  • Thread Combine Verizon XV6700 under Apache Combine Verizon XV6700 under Apache, it is the same phone. No point in duplicating entries in both sections. Thread location: PageHTC Smartphone Wiki
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    Posted: Aug 24 2006, 4:48 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • Page Apache (Sprint PPC 6700) The Sprint PPC 6700 With its large QWERTY keyboard for easy content entry, a big bright display and Windows Mobile 5.0 OS, the Sprint PPC 6700 combines Page location: HTC Smartphone Wiki > Smartphone Guides > Apache (Sprint PPC 6700)
    Keyword tags: 6700,  bluetooth,  pocket pc,  smartphone reviews,  sprint,  Windows Mobile 
    Last updated: Apr 28 2008, 7:07 PM EDT by
  • Page Pocket PC " P5500 / P5520 ) Kaiser (a.k.a HTC TyTN II , AT&T Tilt ) Touch (a.k.a. Sprint Touch ) Apache Page location: HTC Smartphone Wiki > Pocket PC
    Keyword tags: htc pocket pc,  pocket pc,  pocket pc definition,  pocket pcs 
    Last updated: Apr 18 2008, 9:45 AM EDT by
  • Page Smartphone Guides ) Apache (a.k.a. Sprint PPC-6700) HTC Trinity Page location: HTC Smartphone Wiki > Smartphone Guides
    Keyword tags: cell phones,  compare smartphones,  HTC,  HTC cell phones,  HTC phones,  phones,  Products,  smart phone comparison,  smartphone applications,  smartphone reviews,  smartphones,  software for smartphone 
    Last updated: Apr 19 2008, 10:12 AM EDT by
  • Page PPC 6700 Specs Here are some of the main features of the HTC Apache/Sprint PPC 6700 . Please add more fun features that you've used on the 6700 Page location: HTC Smartphone Wiki > Smartphone Guides > Apache (Sprint PPC 6700) > PPC 6700 Specs
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    Last updated: Feb 23 2008, 11:34 AM EST by lulamae
  • Page HTC Smartphone Wiki ) Atlas (a.k.a T-Mobile Wing ) CONTRIBUTORS NEEDED!) Charmer (a.k.a. MDA Compact 2) Apache Page location: HTC Smartphone Wiki
    Keyword tags: cell phones,  htc,  htc touch,  pocket pc,  smart phones,  touch,  touch by htc,  touch phone,  TyTN 
    Last updated: Tuesday, 1:28 PM EDT by
  • Thread voice command does anyone have microsoft voice command working on p4000 mogul? the program works on my p4000 and recognizes the commands but will not execute the voice dial etc, i think it is being stopped by the enabled voice tags which do work. I know voice command works greqat on wm6 which is what is in my p4000 because i had it up and running on P4700 Apache and it worked great. any help will be appreciated. Thread location: PageMogul (P4000) (PPC-6800)
    Keyword tags: p4000 voice command
    Posted: Mar 31 2008, 10:18 AM EDT by tomreed
  • Thread Problems downloading WM6 upgrade for 8525 I keep getting the following web page error whenever I try and download the updated ROM. Any ideas?

    You don't have permission to access /RUU_Hermes_CINGULAR_WWE_3.62.502.3_6275_1.54.07.00_108_UOOS_SVN05_Ship.exe on this server.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.htcamerica.net Port 80
    Thread location: Discussion ForumDiscussion Forum
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    Posted: Nov 19 2007, 11:57 AM EST by Anonymous
  • Thread RE: changing EVDO mode from data priority to voice priority Nope, the Apache never incorporated this feature for some reason. By default, as long as you are in an EV-DO coverage area, your phone calls should interrupt the data stream to allow voice calls to come through. However, all units sold with a manufacture date of April, 2006 or later have a known bug which disables this function. As of right now, there is no fix for this. There may yet be another ROM update for this phone down the line, but preliminary guesses are that we wont see it till early next year, at best. We can only hope that UTStarcomm/Audiovox would find a way to implement the data/voice priority switch into its new ROM, if we end up with such an update! Reply to thread: Threadchanging EVDO mode from data priority to voice priority (1 reply)
    Thread location: PageApache (Sprint PPC 6700)
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    Posted: Aug 22 2006, 5:15 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • Thread RE: Picture to phone through texting Ok I have tested this as best I can. Following their directions this will NOT work on a Telus P4000. It gives you the "error synchronizing" which others have complained about. Maybe this hack doesn't work on Windows Mobile 6? If someone still has 5 they could try it and let others know. Also if anyone wants to try this for telus you need this file

    Follow the post directions as I listed this is the file that you cannot access on that post.

    The other one is hard set for sprint only and you don't have to change anything.

    Good luck.
    Reply to thread: ThreadPicture to phone through texting (2 replies)
    Thread location: PageMogul (P4000) (PPC-6800)
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    Posted: Sep 17 2007, 12:09 PM EDT by wingforward
  • Thread wHAT AN htc SHIFT REALLY NEEDS TO BE COMPETITIVE IN THE US MARKET for starters, it needs to be light and quiet. i've heard its thickness compared to two stacked dvd cases. this unit needs to ship with a minimum 1.33 ghz processor, and at least 1gb ram. it also needs: at least one LAN port for hardwire access, and of course at least two USB ports, either a BUILT-IN verizon/sprint broadband access card for wireless access (wonderfully achieved in the series 2 oqo). a fully touch screen to take advantage of the tablet pc os, AND the option of ordering the unit quipped with XP INSTEAD of vista. the unit should also have at least one mini/micro SD slot for external memory access. As for phone usage, it should shop with a headphone jack, since i doubt anyone wants to spend minutes at a time holding a brick to their ear to conduct a conference call. the external dvd-rw drive should be small, compact, and USB compatible. it would also be nice to include an HDMI out jack (similar to oqo) to free up hd content recorded ont the unit.

    bottom line: the shift has my vote...and the REAL potential to outsell the series 2 OQO (which i've used extensively).

    my day job requires me to stretch my htc apache. believe me when i tell you, if the shift arrives in top shape (as described above), it will redefine the umpc AND the laptop market.
    Thread location: PageSmartphone Guides
    Keyword tags: None
    Posted: Jun 1 2007, 6:20 AM EDT by jaydowser
  • Thread RE: 4 gb mini sd cards I have a Transcend 4GB minsdhc card and it does not work with the SPRINT PPC-6700/HTC-Apache with latest firmware/OS upgrade. It locks the phone up until it is removed. Reply to thread: Thread4 gb mini sd cards (5 replies)
    Thread location: PageApache (Sprint PPC 6700)
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    Posted: Jan 7 2007, 3:37 PM EST by Anonymous
  • Thread RE: Bug List Just a couple of comments:

    For the Windows Media complaints - this phone is not intended as a mobile entertainment platform. That would ba an iPhone. This is intended as a mobile productivity device/business tool. Generally, focus is placed on remote office connectivity to a corporate network/exchange server. I personally use Windows Mobile to play streaming content on occasion, but that is the limit of it. I use my iPod for music. That is what the iPod was designed for.

    If you are concerned about the battery life - it is probably because you are trying to use it as a mobile entertainment device. Sure, one day is lame compared to an iPod, but it is stellar compared to the PPC-6700 (HTC Apache) that a lot of us upgraded from.

    On your comment about wanting to "delete...from the front menu", if you are referring to removing items from the Today Screen, there is a nifty tool in the Today Screen Settings to let you do just that - simply un-check the items you do not want to show.

    As far as the screen dimming during a call - on mine it turns off. This is be design - I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally hit a button on the touch screen with my cheek during a call on other models. I can deal with having to hit the power button to turn the screen back on.

    Overall, I think that one of the other phones that the carriers offer - with more emphasis on Mobile Entertainment and less emphasis on Mobile Office Connectivity would be a better fit for your needs based on the complaints that you have expressed here.
    Reply to thread: ThreadBug List (3 replies)
    Thread location: PageMogul Bugs and Glitches
    Keyword tags: MOGUL PPC 6800
    Posted: Feb 5 2008, 10:27 AM EST by Anonymous
  • Thread RE: Serious issues with BlueTooth on the 6800 Maybe you got a bad phone. I have no problems at all with this phone. BT Calls work wonderful, and you CAN charge it with a USB cord, infact they even gave you one in the box. Maybe read some instructions and sift through what came with the phone before you bash it to all hell. Give it some time to have issues worked out, look at the 6700 it was worse than the 6800 at release, in all honesty, the 6800 has been a god send to me. I am so happy to get rid of the apache(6700) and the 6800 answered all my prayers.
    Reply to thread: ThreadSerious issues with BlueTooth on the 6800 (89 replies)
    Thread location: PageMogul (P4000) (PPC-6800)
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    Posted: Jun 25 2007, 5:34 PM EDT by Anonymous
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