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    FunContact - finger-friendly contact managr for Mogul

    FunContact - finger-friendly contact managr for Mogul - HTC
    MANAGE CONTACTS LIKE on iPHONE! FunContact allows you to swipe the screen with finger up and down to scroll the contacts. There is also an alphabetic ruler that allows for quick look-up. When you slide your finger on this ruler, a big letter appears on the screen. Release your finger and the list will jump to the contacts starting with this letter.
    There is also a keypad in case you need to dial a number that is missing from your contacts. Besides dialing new numbers the keypad filters contacts by letters you input.
    FunContact - finger-friendly contact managr for Mogul - HTC
    FAVORITE CONTACTS FunContact allows you to create and manage a list of favorite contacts with a single tap. The list of favorites contains the most often referred to contacts. Adding a contact to favorites is as easy as tapping the star icon in a contact card.
    Starred contacts immediately appear on the list of favorite contacts. With list of favorite contacts calling or smsing becomes a matter of seconds.
    FunContact - finger-friendly contact managr for Mogul - HTC
    CALL HISTORY FunContact features detailed call log that displays all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. It is very convenient if you want to see when a particular phone call occured and its duration.
    FunContact allows you to immediately call contacts from the call log or add them to your contacts.
    FunContact - finger-friendly contact managr for Mogul - HTC
    EDITING CONTACTS IS ALSO FUN! FunContact provides built-in contacts editing. It supports all necessary details including home, mobile and bussiness phone numbers, emails, web site, job details, etc. FunContact also allows you to go to default contacts if you need.
    The great visual effects keep the routine of editing contacts far from being boring. Adding new details or changing photo for a contact takes as much as a couple of taps!
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    Here is a video preview of FunContact in action.

    In this video you will see the latest version of FunContact in action. Should you prefer to watch this video in youtube portal, please pay some attention to the list of related video snippets. They will show you other features available in FunContact.

    VITO Technology is constantly developing this application to make it even better than it is already. So hop on, download 2-week fully functional trial. Share you thoughts on this contact manager with us and see if the requestd features appear in next version release.

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