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    Finger-friendly task manager and switcher for Windows Mobile - GoodWin (optimized for Mogul)


    • GoodWin is a touch oriented Windows Mobile launcher and task manager. Slide the screen with finger to scroll the list of favorites and running programs, installed applications, and system settings - all on one screen! Whenever you turn on your Pocket PC GoodWin displays all necessary information - new SMS & email messages, time & date, missed calls.
    Presenting all information on a single screen GoodWin is a complete replacement for Today screen and Start Menu.
    • Finger friendly interface greatly simplifies task management.
    • Lock screen prevents from accidental taps on the screen.

    GoodWin is the best launcher with finger-friendly interface. Tapping big icons to run necessary programs or opening system settings is very easy. GoodWin displays everything you can launch on a single scrollable screen devided into three sections: Favorites & running, Programs, Settings. GoodWin is designed to allow you to launch anything with just one tap.
    • one tap to launch any application or system settings applet
    • one tap to see new SMS/text or email messages, active tasks, missed calls
    • one tap to access battery settings
    • one tap to change phone profile: ring, vibrate, or silent
    • one tap to access time & date settings
    • one tap to access phone settings

    GoodWin allows you to easily switch between running applications. All running programs are displayed together with your favorite programs in the Favorites & running section. You can add applications or system settings to favorites for quicker access without scrolling.
    all running applications are displayed in the first section: Favorites & running
    all favorites are displayed in the same section for quicker access
    single tap on any running application to switch to it
    tap & hold for more options: add/remove from favorites, run/close, uninstall

    GoodWin presents all necessary PIM information on a single screen. Every time you turn on your device you see the lock screen that shows time and date. Moreover, there're 4 notification buttons that display the number of new SMS/text or email messages, active tasks, and missed calls. In addition you can see the battery charge, active phone profile, and carrier signal strength in the taskbar.
    time & date
    battery charge
    active phone profile
    carrier signal strength
    new text & email messages
    active tasks
    missed calls

    With GoodWin you can forget about stylus! GoodWin will show you that managing your device just with fingers is very easy and fun.
    lock screen with all necessary PIM info
    large buttons easy to tap
    smooth finger scrolling with kinetic effect: one swipe and the list scrolls by itself
    tappable arrows at the bottom of the screen for instant jump between sections: Favorites & running, Programs, Settings
    all sections are clearly marked with different color
    special markers under icons to differentiate favorites, running applications, system settings applets, uninstallable applications

    If you like this finger-friendly task manager for Windows Mobile, you are sure to like more software titles for finger-friendly operation of your Windows Mobile device at http://iWindowsMobile.com - your place to upgrade Windows Mobile.

    Here is a video preview of GoodWin in action.

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