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    Bell HTC Touch freezes

    I have the Bell Mobility HTC Touch (VOGU100).

    ROM version: 1.17.666.1
    ROM date: 11/21/07
    Radio version: 1.59.10

    Everyday when I use Text Messaging, it would freeze as I'm typing. I type using the XT9 (20) Touch keyboard.

    Is this a Windows Mobile 6 bug? Or a bug with the HTC Touch?

    When it's freezing, the Touch Keyboard keys are still reacting to my touch (as the keys are highlighted), but no new letters would appear as I type. I left the device running in this state for up to 1/2 hour. By then the device has fallen asleep. When I wake it up, it's still in the frozen state. I have no choice but to soft-reset it.

    What can I do to keep my HTC Touch from freezing? Is there a newer firmware update than my ROM?

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    Bell had a HUGE batch of bad HTC's

    Back it up immediately !!!

    Go to your local bell store and get on the 5 week wait list for a replacement...

    Good Luck
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