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Discussion: Some questions ;)

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Some questions ;)
Jul 31 2006, 12:21 PM EDT
Hi people,

Since I'm in the market looking for a new cell phone, I'm very interested in a Prophet Cell phone, either the Q-tek S200 or the I-mate Jamin. But I would like some feedback from actual owners from this phone. People that already have this phone over a 6 months.

I would like to know the call quality?, the quality of the speaker phone?, what other applications you installed on the phone?, Does the processor is fast enought to work with those aplications? I've read in a forum that this cell phone actually has two processors (two OMAP 200 Mhz), one for the phone and one for pocketPC, is that true?

In your experience, how many times you have to charge your cell phone in a regular week? (from Monday to Sunday).

Is it easy to get spare battery? I mean not buying from the the original cell phone shop. If I want to buy it in a regular cell phone shop.

How is the support from the manufacturer (HTC)? Are the firmware update compatible for the Prophet series between O2, Imate, Qtek branded phones??

I know that they are a lot of questions, but I just wanted to be informed before make my mind :) and I tink that will be useful for other user or future customers.


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RE: Some questions ;)
Aug 15 2006, 3:04 PM EDT
I have owned my JAMin for 6 months now. While I'm a former Treo user, Windows Mobile 5 has taken a step closer to single-handed operation. Call quality has been good but the sound from the ear piece is a bit soft. The speakerphone is quite loud though.

The JAMin only has a single processor. Since I use my phone primarily as a pocket pc, I have to charge my phone daily. I can go without charging the phone over the weekend unless I have WiFi turned on. WiFi saps battery life like crazy.

Performance is what I have come to expect from most pocket pc phones. Not blazing fast but good enough to handle typical mobile tasks with only a hint of delay. Just remove applications from memory often and there shouldn't be a problem.

I love the small size and how easily it fits into my pants pocket without leaving the typical "pup tent". The ringer is loud enough to hear but the vibrate is intense so you'll definitely feel it in your pocket.

Support from i-mate is through their Web site, clubimate. You can find firmware patches and other updates there. There's also a support forum.

If you decide on the JAMin, you won't be sorry. I only miss having a keyboard but that's the trade-off for the size of the device. I use a bluetooth keyboard when I have to type. Definitely get a screen protector.

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RE: Some questions ;)
Sep 2 2006, 6:21 PM EDT
http://www.kaitech.hk/component/option,com_smf/Itemid,71/board,7.0/ Do you find this valuable?    

RE: Some questions
Oct 12 2006, 6:09 PM EDT
I own a Prophet (S200 from Qtek) for almost 6 months and it's been a pleasure.

I can say that it's way better than all the PPCPhones, Palms, Symbian's I've owned.

You will not regret it.

I use it for almost everything like:

GPS (paired with a Wintec WBT-200 bluetooth GPS and iGuidance)
Texting (SMS, MMS, IM, Email)
Multimedia (Video & Audio paired to my Plantronics Stereo Bluetooth Headset)
Full Internet browsing
Camera for video and photos (for video I use CoolCamera 1.14 application).
And many more...

Call quality is very decent.

I charge my battery every two or three days but not because it's running low on juice, but because that's when I sync it to my PC. I'm really impressed with how much it last.

Support wise, I have no idea since I consider myself advanced user and usually hang out on XDA-Developers.com if some hacking or tweaking question arrise. But for the device itself there is not much to it I must say. However, I've heard that Qtek has some nasty Tech support reputation. I-Mate seems to be more decent, but it will cost you some money. Actually, that's why i-Mate Jamins cost a bit more than Qtek S200s because of that, but S200 have one more year of warranty.

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RE: Some questions ;)
Oct 20 2006, 6:19 PM EDT
Some units have a screen alignment problem. Check forums. Do you find this valuable?    

RE: Some questions ;)
Oct 20 2006, 8:15 PM EDT
"Some units have a screen alignment problem. Check forums."
I've never heard of alignment problems on the Prophet...

I know for a fact that SOME Hermes models do have that problem. At least the first batch released to the public.

Best regards,
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RE: Some questions ;)
Nov 17 2006, 11:11 PM EST
As an owner I don't recommend it. Firstly the bluetooth support is bogus - there's no solid A2DP, and the A2DP hack provides really crappy sound. Secondly the headphone jack on my device has broken twice, requiring repair. This means it's hard to get audio out of the device. The processor is horribly slow, it has trouble keeping up with the most basic of tasks. The buttons are frustrating and there are only two custom functions, the on screen keyboard is too small, and the whole device screams 'wait for the next generation'. Get yourself a JASJAM or any other device with a keyboard and well known good A2DP support if you want to use any of these phones for music, video, text-entry (i.e. email) and web browsing.

I regret buying it based on its full SD card slot because it is unusable due to the terrible audio out support. I am not risking this device by using the 2.5mm jack any longer. The device is a complete waste of time and effort - spend a few extra and get an HTC with a faster proc, a keyboard, and A2DP
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RE: Some questions ;)
Nov 17 2006, 11:14 PM EST
Ah - forgot to mention that I use the iTech R35 stereo A2DP device and highly recommend it if you're looking for an A2DP solution. It has a built in microphone and incoming call buzzer, so if your headphone jack dies your device is still usable. It sounds seamlessly perfect on any device with bluetooth 2.0, however it has a horrible hissing noise (like all a2dp headsets) when used on underpowered and non-native bt 1.2 devices like the dopod/jamin Do you find this valuable?    

RE: Some questions ;)
Nov 18 2006, 1:25 AM EST
I suggest you to visit xda-developers.com and see all you can do with the prophet. A2DP works flawlessly and Bluetooth does work as it should.

Even though the processor has about 200 mhz, it's really snappy (at least for me) and I consider myself a power-user. Lots and lots of apps and games loaded into the little bugger.

It's just a matter of knowing how to operate a Pocket PC (no ofense)... Here are some hints: First of all remember that Windows Mobile does not close used apps when you are done, they only get minimized, for that you need SBP Pocket Plus or SBSH iLauncher, also use Clear Notfications from time to time... Tweak some settings to increase performace with SKTools or Tweaks2K2, etc...

However these last recomendations are not even necessary, they just improve performance, but I really do recomend at least a closing task application, but this is because a WM design omission, not a Prophet defect.

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WM6 upgrade
Nov 19 2007, 12:55 AM EST
Is there any official update on WM6 Upgrade? Do you find this valuable?