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Tilt won't charge or work on charger

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Yanqui Tilt won't charge or work on charger 4 Yesterday, 11:33 PM EST by Yanqui
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I moved over here from the Tilt buy or wait thread so as to focus on possibly finding a solution to the mysterious death of my Tilt. As stated in that thread, on Dec. 15 2008 my 2 month old Tilt lost its mind. I pressed the power button to turn on the phone and make a call and the screen was a flashing blue, red and green stripes. It then powered down on its own and I have not been able to use it since. When plugged into the charger it shows an amber led but will never turn green (charged) even if left on the charger for over a day. I have tried to have it replaced under warranty but because when I was making the warranty call to AT&T I got a fleck of spittle on the liquid damage indicator they will not honor the warranty. AT&T will not let me try a new battery without buying one but a couple month old battery shouldn't be bad anyway. when the phone is plugged into the charger it will not turn on at all. if it is not plugged into the charger it wil boot up fine but immediately show a low battery indication and shut down right away. I have talke to the HTC technical support and they have told me it appears to be defective hardware but because of the liquid damage indicator having a pink corner (from a drop of spit remember) the phone has no warranty and I will have to pay full price.
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