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    dhinton Backup options 1 Yesterday, 3:44 AM EST by dhinton
    Thread started: Yesterday, 3:35 AM EST  Watch
    I found a site called GooSync (http://www.goosync.com). It offers a free option for those willing to accept only 1 month before and after today, and a (reasonable) price option for those wanting 365 days before and after today. It synchronizes your pda, and/or Outlook calendar into Google Calendar, and does the same for contacts and tasks (but stores those on it's own site.

    The pda options include sync, overwrite pda from goosync, overwrite goosync from pda plus a couple of others, and it can be set to run every x hours on each day -- there are quite a few options to control when it runs.

    I've been using it a lot during the time I've been fighting with syncing my new toy (see first message in this thread) and it's certainly been helpful!

    If you haven't tried Google Calendar, you might not know that there is a plug-in for Outlook that allows auto syncing with Google, either one way (either direction) or two way, and it can be set to run every x hours.

    Both of these sites are passworded, and the Google option is free (but doesn't do contacts or tasks---- yet).


    Cheers, Dallas
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    dhinton Fuze (Touch Pro) CDMA sync problem finally solved (Vista) 0 Yesterday, 3:28 AM EST by dhinton
    Thread started: Yesterday, 3:28 AM EST  Watch
    I'd like to thank the gang at HTC support (1-866-449-8358) -- it's so rare to find a manufacturer that not only supports it's products but does so for free AND sticks with the problem until it's solved!!!

    I've just switched from a PALM 700p to an HTC Touch Pro (Telus, in Canada, CDMA, but I'm sure it's called a FUZE in the US). I've been unabled to sync successfully on either Windows XP or Vista (I bought a Vista machine for Christmas because I was so desperately stuck!!).

    We checked all the obvious things and still the sync would run for 18 hours and die with only partial success. After talking with someone at HTC, I deleted the partnership, created a new one, and synchronized JUST the contacts. That worked fine, so I added the Calendar and synced again. Again it worked. I kept on doing this, adding one item at a time until finally I've got everything working -- it seems like it was just too much load to sync everything at once for the first time. The whole process took about 2 hours, but compared to 18 with a failure, that's quite acceptable!!! I notice now that when I change something on the desktop, the sync happens almost at once and takes only a few seconds.

    So -- if you're having troubles, you might try this approach! Also see next post!

    Cheers, Dallas
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