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The below table shows the Make/Model of Bluetooth Headsets and other Bluetooth accessories that HTC has tested for use with the AT&T Tilt. All listings have been proven to pair and work with the AT&T Tilt/Kaiser.

Brand Category Model
Nokia Keyboard SU-8W (HID) Audi Carkits-HFP UHV6589
Audi Carkits-SAP BTA4559
Belkin GPS Bluetooth GPS
Billionton Dongle v1.1
Billionton Dongle v1.2
Billionton Dongle v2.0
Bluetake Dongle BT009X
Dell Keyboard Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard (HID)
Holux GPS 230
HP Printer DJ450
HP Printer Photosmart 325
HP iPaq A2DP F-0361A
HTC Headset M100
I-tech A2DP Blueband
I-tech Keyboard Virtual Keybpard (HID)
Jabra Headset BT160
Jabra Headset BT250V
Jabra Headset BT330
Jabra Headset BT500
Jabra Headset Jx10
Jabra Headset BT620S
Motorola Headset H700
Motorola Headset HF820
Motorola Headset HS820
Motorola Headset HS850
Motorola Headset HT820
Nokia Carkits-HFP CK-7W
Nokia Headset HS-4W
Nokia Keyboard SU-8W (HID)
Parrot Carkits-HFP CK3300
Parrot Carkits-HFP Boombox
Parrot Carkits-HFP 3200
Planex Headset BT-01UDE v2.0
Plantronics Headset Discovery640
Plantronics Headset Explorer320
Plantronics Headset Voyager510
Plantronics A2DP Pulsar590
Plantronics A2DP Pulsar590A
SonyEricsson Carkits-HFP HCB300
SonyEricsson Headset HBH300
SonyEricsson Headset HBH608
SonyEricsson Headset HCB662
SonyEricsson A2DP DS970
SouthWing Headset NEO 305
SouthWing Headset SH305
THB Carkit-HFP Take&Talk+System 8