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Sorting task with Outlook 2002 and HTC 8525

I purchased a HTC 8525 from Let'sTalk.com and I do not have the lastest version of Activesync or the lastest ROM update to my phone and I have a problem with Using Outlook 2002 tasks and even though my ActiveSync works fine when syncing with my exchange Server but issue occurs with Windows Mobile 5.0 when I'm using the sort and filter criteria with the task list. No matter what criteria I choose the task list sort types from, it always sort the tasks by alphabetical rather than due date or priority however. I can only view the task list by due date if I tell it to include all completed tasks as well as active tasks and since I use my Outlook tasks all day long that means that completed list gets very long.

All HTC mobile devices, even with Windows Mobile 5.0, are only fully compatible with Office Outlook 2003 or higher which having a verision of Outlook such as Outlook 2002 or Outlook Express could cause some sync features not to work properly

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JohnMelbourne same issue with Vodafone v1605 4 Apr 6 2008, 8:58 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Aug 24 2007, 6:03 AM EDT  Watch
I have the HTC tytn badged as Vodafone model v1605. This is my second v1605 - the first had to be replaced for a non related fault.

My first v1605 did not have this bug - I could filter and sort concurrently. In contrast, I was not able to change the settings for the Today Screen. eg. I could not add the task list or any other program beyond the standard 4: alarm, calendar, SMS and email. To avoid confusion, let me clarify that displaying or hiding the tasks in the Today view has no imact on the sorting bug.

My second v1605 does exhibit the exact same bug as you.describe.

It seems to me that the bug is related to OS version. I'm pretty sure that I have an up to date version now, which suggests that it was introduced into the latest version rather than always being there.

I have contacted Vodafone support to seek help but have had no reply at the time of writing. If I get any more info I will let you know.
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