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General Questions

When owning a HTC Branded Mobile Device, Its normal to have questions about your mobile device because of some of it features can be great but also complicated and these are some of the questions you come across when using your mobile device and keeping it update to date with the latest software.

Why can Activesync not find my PDA even though I have it plugged into the computer?

Answer: Most of the time, this is due to having Advanced functionality checked on your PDA which will cause the Activesync program to not be able to see the phone. Uncheck Advanced functionality in the USB to PC settings and your PDA will be reconized.

I live within the United States and am trying to get the latest ROM update to my PDA but everytime I put in my PDA's serial number, as it requests , It says its wrong and why is that?

Answer: In order to get the correct Rom update to your PDA or Smartphone, you must make sure that you have the correct country selected on top of the home page of HTC.com because the website will automatically set the website country to Worldwide when you first look it up.

Why can I not play YouTube videos or other streaming videos on my Tilt or 8525?

Answer: Most older model HTC PDAs do not have the capability to play streaming videos which do include YouTube and may require the use of a third party flash plugin to possibly get it work. HTC Touchscreen phones such as the Touch Pro or the Fuze that has TouchFlo on them, has the capability to play youtube videos.

I have locked myself out of my phone and cannot remember the password or the phone has changed password than the one I remember, is there a special unlock code that HTC has that I can use to unlock my phone?

Answer: If you cannot unlock your phone with the password that you have provided or forgotten that password, The only way to unlock that phone would be by doing a hard reset which will erase all information from the phone and reset it back to factory settings.

I have switched Phone carriers and I need the unlock carrier code to be able to use my PDA on a different carrier, where would I go to get that code?

Answer: If you do switch phone carriers, you must request the carrier unlock code from the original carrier that the phone is locked to.

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hinakogo Calendar Alarm 1 Sep 9 2009, 3:27 AM EDT by talontsi07
Thread started: Sep 9 2009, 3:20 AM EDT  Watch
My friend's HTC has a problem.
It is not a contract with Tmobile, so he cannot update the firmware.
Everytime he turns on his phone, its always vibrates million of times because of the alarm. (some holiday or something on the calendar)
We tried everything to make it stop but it doesnt stop.
is there any way to stop this??
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virgo8285 Lost Internet Explorer page -where can I find it? 1 Aug 12 2009, 12:42 AM EDT by virgo8285
Thread started: Aug 12 2009, 12:39 AM EDT  Watch
I recently downloaded Active Sync 4.5 and when I connected Wifi -Comm Manger - I had no Internet Explorer page, No Address bar. It showed a blue screen with writien line on it -- I didn't understand. If I tape on Pocket MSN - Programs - I do go to MSN site. Does anyone know where I can get the Internet Explorer page for PPC? What happen to it? Or any advice??? Help
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dez93_2000 HTC Touch HD - the problems keep coming 0 May 21 2009, 7:53 AM EDT by dez93_2000
Thread started: May 21 2009, 7:53 AM EDT  Watch
Hi all. Didn't see a Touch HD specific forum so posting here. Basically, since getting a Touch HD in December, I've had tons of problems and am starting to wish I hadn't bothered getting a smartphone. It's worse than my previous very old nokia in terms of being a phone, and the cool factor of it being a portable PC is outweighed by the problems that come with it being a windows PC. I bought it from mobiles.co.uk, it's on O2, it's a HTC and it run Windows. When it doesn't work, who's responsible?

In 5 months:
1. When I type the first letter of a text (starting or replying) it is deleted and has to be retyped. Texting in general has other glitches (button mapping in landscape, double-insertion of words from the suggestion list) and isn't as fast or as easy as with a fixed keyboard, plus it required more concentration.
2. alarms appear as the small bar at the bottom rather than a usefully-sized alarm name, with snooze and end buttons. Not a bug, just not particularly useful. One of the many cases of the the software being more suited to a pc monitor than a phone screen
3. Phone's sluggish. Did full backup & reinstall for recent firmware upgrade, but no change. Software often sluggish, crashes not uncommon. Feels like it doesn't have enough memory, though it never goes above 70%.
4. Calls often go straight to answer even if the phone's in my hand. Callers say it only rang once. Extended the max ringtime with operator but no improvement. Think it's related to memory/sluggishness.
5. GPS on googlemaps always puts me a few streets away
6. Today my storage card became corrupt and nothing's recognised.

I can take the time and use my IT knowledge & forum searching to fight these fires one by one, but I paid for something which should just work, not need me to devote loads of my time to fixing all the time. Does anyone else feel the same way?
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