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HTC Tilt Questions

This is a section dedicated to questions regarding the HTC Tilt mobile device, If you have any questions that are not listed in this section, Please feel free to request for a certain question to be added to this section if it hasn't already.

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d_n0509 My Screen goes Blank (black) and does not turn back on 2 Mar 10 2009, 2:55 PM EDT by michont
Thread started: Mar 9 2009, 3:29 PM EDT  Watch
My AT&T HTC Tilt will go blank (black) about 3 time a week. I know it is still on b/c the signal lights at the top are flashing. I try pressing the buttons on the sides but the screen does not turn back on. The only way I can get it to show up is to do a soft reset by using my stylus and pressing the small reset hole on the bottom of the phone. Why does this keep happening. I have been lucky and not lost anything and it turns back on. Is this a "glitch" on this new smartphone? Also, about once a day my Tilt will get a 403 Forbidden error when I open IE. I have to shut the phone down and bring it back up for IE to start working again. I have had the phone for about 5 months. I like it it but it is so frustrating sometimes. Any help is appreciated.
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jselters AT&T Tilt - Silly question - How do I quickly quiet my phone? 2 Mar 9 2009, 2:30 PM EDT by jselters
Thread started: Mar 7 2009, 2:37 PM EST  Watch
I have my Messaging set to audible. However, I'd like to be able to stop the audible alert by pushing a button or something. I have yet been able to figure out how to quickly silent my alert as it comes in. Really annoying. I have to imagine that there is a very simple way to do this. Any ideas?

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violetstone my htc lost all power and even on the charger will not power on 1 Mar 5 2009, 1:31 PM EST by browntannis
Thread started: Mar 5 2009, 8:53 AM EST  Watch
I had gotten a htc tilt for my bday it was used but looked new. The charger that came with it looked like my blackberry charger. It didn't seem to stay charged all day. I used it for a few weeks an one morning I went to make a call and realized it was dead. I put it on the charger and it still wouldn't power on. Just the little red light comes on and nothing else. Do you think the battery needs to be replaced?
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