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Connecting via VPN is doable, but not well documented. The phone companies' support usually have no clue. HTC support varies, but usually can make it work.
Steps for the HTC Fuze on AT&T Wireless. I would expect that theses steps should work on the Tilt, 8525, and the 8125.
0. Make sure you can browse on the Internet with a decent connection, preferably a fast 3G one.
1. Make sure you are connecting to a known good network--ie others can connect.
2. Find Proxy Manager --Often under Start--Programs--Tools
3. Proxy must be off for a PPTP connection using Microsoft protocols, since the proxy filters out GRE packets. Proxy must be on for normal browsing of the Internet. You MUST use this method of turning the proxy on/off for it to work.
4. This worked connecting to a Microsoft Server 2003 running RAS/PPTP behind a router. I was then able to use remote desktop to connect to my servers and workstations on the network.

There are many other security protocols/methods to connect via VPN. Anyone who has success with them, please post the steps.
There should be a way to automatically turn the proxy off/on when you start and end a VPN connection. I can't find anything posted on it, and everything that I have tried hasn't worked.

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