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Sorry, i added my stuff as a commentI -wanted notto inadjust the bodyvolume of themy page.ringtone.

There is no volume control for this anyin any area of the phone i could find. This included following the step on the help page "choose a new ringtone and adjust the volume". Aparently i am supposed to have a volume control there somewhere.

For those of you having the same problem i found out where it is in the registry and did it by hand.
its pretty easy so don't get scared off by it.

1. Use a registry editor (this site has info on it)
2. go to: HkeyCurrentUser / Control Panel / Sound Catagories / Ring
3. Click on "Ring" - You will see 5 entries in there. The 4th one down is called "InitVolume"
4. Click on this one and you will see there are two boxes. You want the one called "Value"
5. Change it to 5 (try it first then go higher) and call you phone. It should be much louder.

Note: i think if the number is set to "0" the sound will be off. That could be why some people say they can't get the ringer to play at all. I'm not sure what the hell is going on with the phone.... i'm just glad i was able to "pump up the volume" (i wear headphones at work)

< Sorry, i added my stuff as a comment - not in the body of the page. >

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