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    AT&T 8525 Display issues: Display is dim, blank, white, has lines, etc.

    Below are some troubleshooting steps that you can use to determine whether or not your device needs to be replaced if it is having trouble with the display. Your wireless carrier should be using similar steps to determine if the device needs to be replaced.

    Rule Out Common issues:
    • Is the device in “hibernate” mode?
      • Tap the power key to wake display up.
    • Is the battery installed in the device? Installed correctly?
      • Have customer remove and reinsert battery.
    • Is the device powered on?
      • Power the device on by pressing and holding the Power Button for 3 seconds. If the device won’t Power on, attempt to charge the unit with the AC Adaptor..
      • Once the device has been plugged in to charge, check to see what color the LED is.
        • Orange=Charging
        • Green=Device is fully charged
        • Red=Battery completely drained. Charge using AC Charger.
        • None=Device not charged and/or charger not detected, perform a reset with the charger attached, try another charger/battery.
      • If the device is not responding to the Charger or able to Power up, the issue is likely not related to the Display.
    • Is a screen protector/static cling on the LCD of the device?
      • Sometimes the screen protector/cling can interfere with the normal touch function of the LCD. Remove the screen protector/cling and retest to determine if that is the cause of the issue. If the device returns to normal function, the device should not be exchanged as the issue is caused by the screen protector/cling.

    After the above probing questions/tasks have been completed, move on to more in depth troubleshooting as follows:

    1. If the you are able to read the Display, complete Steps 3-5 before moving to device Resets. If you are unable to navigate through the device screens (because the devices display is hard to see, not visible, etc), go straight to resetting the device.
    2. Perform a Soft Reset by inserting the stylus into the Reset hole on the bottom of the device.
    AT&T 8525 Display issues: Display is dim, blank, white, has lines, etc. - htc

    1. Retest for a few days. If the issue persists after the Soft Reset, back up all of your data and perform a Hard Reset by pressing and holding the left and right soft keys while performing a Soft Reset.
    AT&T 8525 Display issues: Display is dim, blank, white, has lines, etc. - htc
    1. Once the Hard Reset has been completed, please sure that the customization process is allowed to complete.
    2. If neither the Soft nor Hard Reset resolves the issue (and you haven't loaded any 3rd party applications back on the device after the Hard Reset), the device should then be considered for an Exchange. If you have loaded 3rd party applications on the device since the Reset and the issue has returned, move on to removing the application.

    Does the issue coincide with a recent program addition?

    1. If the issue coincides with the installation of a 3rd party application, remove the program by going to Start>Settings>System Tab>Remove Programs.
    2. Highlight the program to be removed and Tap Remove.
    3. Once the 3rd party application(s) has been removed, you will need to retest the device for a few days (with and without the 3rd party application installed). If the issue does not happen without the 3rd party application loaded on the device, the issue is likely caused by the application; contact the application provider for further assistance.
    4. Are you using a Custom Wallpaper on your device? If so, select one of the default backgrounds that come pre-loaded on the device. If there are no issues with the default, then the problem is likely with the 3rd party wallpaper; contact the provider for further assistance.
    5. If the issue is not resolved by removing 3rd party applications (if applicable), performing a Soft and Hard Reset (and you have retested for a few days) and the unit has not been dropped or damaged in any way, the device should be considered for an Exchange, contact your wireless provider.

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    Anonymous hey my screen is red, blue, green, and white 2 Sep 21 2008, 11:38 PM EDT by browntannis
    Thread started: Sep 14 2008, 5:16 PM EDT  Watch
    my screen is color coded and it it not working i have reset it, taken the battery out, the sim card, and i dont know what to do. can someone help me plz.!!!???????
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    Anonymous htc 8525 0 Aug 26 2008, 1:16 PM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Aug 26 2008, 1:16 PM EDT  Watch
    8525 was the team placed him master clear that did not work the team did not touch now goes to the touch still does not work. I can do
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    Anonymous Possible connection issues between screen slide and base 6 Jul 12 2008, 8:35 PM EDT by Anonymous
    Thread started: Sep 25 2007, 6:51 PM EDT  Watch
    Issues -
    White screen appears in the display. (Touch screen may work, top function keys will typically not work)
    Screen appears to lock. (Touch screen does not work, top function keys do not work, but off/on button is operable)

    Because the base is still working, and the unit is still appearing to operate, (Blue tooth will answer calls) I have reason to believe the issues is connection related between the base and the sliding unit. I'm pretty sure there was no extended unit testing with the first million lots coming from HTC under the wire to get them to the shelves.

    Solution (albeit a bit weird)

    First, try sliding the unit open and closed a few times. This will usually enable the system when the OS is locked up.
    Second, turn off the unit with the "soft off" button on the side. Close it, then firmly (but with caution) cup your hand and slap it into that hand. Believe it or not, that has worked EVERY TIME with my white screen.

    (That's what leads me to believe it is a connector issue)
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    Anonymous time 1 Feb 15 2008, 2:50 PM EST by browntannis
    Thread started: Feb 15 2008, 2:00 PM EST  Watch
    for some reason my phone thinks it on another time zone.......... so when minutes should be free they are not.. has anyone seen this happen? ATT sent me new 8525 but that didnt help it was then suggested to get a new SIM
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    billbraly Page cannot be displayed with AT&T 8525 2 Jan 25 2008, 4:03 PM EST by billbraly
    Thread started: Jan 25 2008, 2:23 PM EST  Watch
    I get a "The Requested Page cannot be displayed" error on my AT&T 8525 when viewing http://www.ocair.com/airlines/ArrivalsDepartures.asp, but a colleague with a Cingular 8525 can view it fine. What gives? I've cleared cache, cookies, etc. Using Windows Mobile 6.
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