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No BlueTooth Sync on AT&T Tilt, WM6.1
Monday, 9:09 PM EDT | Post edited: Monday, 9:09 PM EDT
I've been looking through the threads and haven't found a solution to my problem.
The ROM Version on my Phone is: 1.62.502.0, Dated:01-17-08
The Windows Mobile Version is: 6.1, and my Laptop is running Windows XP Pro, with Outlook 2007 connected to an Exchange Server.

I tried for sometime to connect my phone to my old HP laptop using the Bluetooth connection to Sync between my phone and Outlook 2003, and was never able to do so. I was able to get the Audio Gateway going on my old HP but finally gave up on the Bluetooth and resorted to the USB Cable connection. Now I've got a new DELL Precision M6400, still running Windows XP Pro but now using Outlook 2007.

Not thinking, I tried to Sync to my DELL and realized I hadn't installed ActiveSync. I've now got ActiveSync 4.5.0 running but am now getting the message on my laptop "Device HTC-8900 does not support service ActiveSync"
What's been Done so far:
1. Paired and Unpaired the devices several times.
2. Observed that when I "Refresh" Partnership Settings on my Phone, the laptop see's it and I see the communications on my laptop "My ActiveSync". Bells go ding, and whistles blows, until after about a minute when the it simply stops working. The Laptop indicates that it's COM4.
3. Have several programs running on my phone; a) AT&T Navigator, b) HTC HTC Home (not sure what this is), c) Namco Ms. PAC-MAN (Game Software I think came with Phone), and d) OZ Communications OZ IM (not sure what this is either), but haven't removed any.
4. ActiveSync works with USB cable.

Anyone have some suggestions?

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