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Discussion: Networking - Can you force the TyTn to failover from WiFi to 3gReported This is a featured thread

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Networking - Can you force the TyTn to failover from WiFi to 3g
Jan 8 2009, 2:21 PM EST | Post edited: Jan 8 2009, 2:21 PM EST
I have been searching for a hack that allows you to set WiFi as the primary network and 3g as the secondary network. It seems that this should be the default behavior for the phone anyway. Unfortunately, phone companies want to charge us for data usage.

Currently I have to go to click Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > Select Networks and then change the dropdown under "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:" from MediaNet to My work network or vice versa. I know that there is software that will put an Icon up to take you directly to this setting (http://htc-tytn-ii.handster.com/software.php?id=2119&for=HTC+TyTN+II). But there should be some way to have the phone check to see if it has a WiFi connection and if it does not THEN use the telco network.

Maybe I am using the wrong search terms but I haven't found anything.

Anyone have any ideas about this?
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