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8525 Mobile 5 using Missing Sync and iMac

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8525 Mobile 5 using Missing Sync and iMac
Feb 2 2008, 3:04 AM EST
I'm new to the Mac environment and have been having nothing but trouble with syncing my Windows Mobile 5 AT&T HTC 8525 smart phone from Outlook to the Mac side of things. I have spent the past two days rebooting the phone in trying to get an error free sync. I continue to get iCal sync errors. I'm using missing sync, their technical support has been underwhelming, and frankly it took 4 hours today with Apple to get some help with settings. Apple tech support has been kind but not really interested in dealing with either Entourage or missing sync even though both Microsoft and what little info I get from mark/space leads me to believe that the problem is within the mac.

I can't get a sync from the mobile device directly into Entourage. With everything going into address book and ical I loose all of my category setting from the mobile device. I spent 4 hours cleaning up 800 contacts about a warning message in the notes area of the contacts relating to some unknown and unidentifialbe data.

When I finally got to syncing my calendar all of the categories I use in Windows end up in separate calendar folder in ical. Can not get that data into entourage. Also about 40 percent of my reoccurring calendar entries (birthdays and anniversary) get changed by one day early. Very confusing and don't know to who to look toward to get any help with that; it has to be either missing sync or ical/address book since the data for that comes out of outlook in the contacts data under birthday and anniversary fields. The most interesting thing is that the same data is incorrect in iCal and that data did not get to the calendar in entourage

Anyone know how to set up the missing sync to bypass address book and ical? Help. If I can't get this resolved I most likely will return the Mac and go back to windows
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