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Discussion: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?

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Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Nov 18 2007, 1:31 PM EST
I had upgraded my 8525 very easily when WM5 got the upgrade but I have been unable to go through the update of the WM6.
First I start the process after sync the machine. I get first a window that says: the file 'wceusbsh.sys' on windows driver cabinet is needed, type the path where the file is located and then check ok'. I have no idea what is being asked. It does not matter if I say 'ok' it won't take anything and if I click 'cancel' the upgrade process continues until I click on all the 'ok' for the upgrade -2 screens where you are being asked to check 'read me' and so one...
After that I finally get an error message '260' which is a connection error. I followed what was suggested in this panel. Restart the computer and reset the phone, sync and all but still same results. Is there some suggestions? Frankly my WM5 works fine so if this is not worth the trouble with the washed out WM6, maybe i should just let it be. Thanks for any input....
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RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Nov 19 2007, 6:50 AM EST
i read your post and think you should check a few things.
the rom that your trying to install should be v3.x ? and not 2.15 it will say this on the exe file

and second, compatibility, I just upped my rom on my 8525 and trying to find out why my motorola headset wont pair. still googling options but i think im pinched.

the upgrade for wm6 is pretty, but not sure if its worth a new headset? as it stands now, until i can fix this im without a perfectly good bt headset.

imho, stick with what you got and keep reading the threads for this, till all the bugs are fixed. its not worth the hassle.

Good luck
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RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Nov 22 2007, 12:45 AM EST

I have the exact same problem as Maj. As soon as the verification process starts, it severs the ActiveSync connection and flips to the 3-color screen and the PC no longer recognizes the 8525, wanting me to reinstall the hardware. The 3-color screen says: HERM100 I PL-1.03 and HERM100 SPL-1.11

Over the past three or four hours, I have tried two different PC's w/XP. I do everything that Maj does: reset the phone, reboot the PC as directed, and still always get an "ERROR 260" warning. The old Windows Mobile 5 still works but I cannot get any farther than this. -JMarty

8525 and WM^ Upgrade issues
Nov 14, 11:42 PM EST
Hi all, I just downloaded the WM6 update for my 8525 and I can't seem to get it to install.

When I first run the installer, my unit reboots itself to the 3 color screen. Ok no biggie. disconnected and reset, reconnected to PC and started
activesync. Connected with no problems. So I run through the steps verifying all the info along the way and click the final button to begin the process.
The progress bar appears on the PC screen but the 8525 screen goes black and shuts off. Activysync disconnects. After about 2 mins a screen
pops up saying:


I've tried on several PC's using both Vista and XP and get the same results on all of them. Not sure what else to check on this issue. I haven't
seen where anyone else has had this problem so I don't know where to turn to do this upgrade.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Help is much appreciated!

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RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Dec 29 2007, 10:06 AM EST
This is the problem I joined this site for. I too am unable to upgrade my unit to the WM6 for the same reasons. Unit shuts down, screen changes to colored bars and the rest. Is there a solution? Anyone? 0  out of 1 found this valuable. Do you?    

RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Jan 2 2008, 4:59 PM EST
EVERYONE, Take my word, the upgrade to WM6 is NOT worth the trouble!! They have removed a lot of options you have with WM5!! If I knew I would loose the options I had with WM5, I would not have upgraded!!! Do you find this valuable?    

RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Jan 22 2008, 9:55 PM EST
I disagree. WM6 is just wonderful, and IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, the upgrade is painless. You need to shut off any hibernation settings on your PC, and I'm sure it helps to be using XP rather than Vista.

Most important: do it the way I did. Call HTC support BEFORE you begin, and have them talk you through it. For convenience, their toll free is:
866 449 8358

They're the best in the business, and if you follow directions, and do it the way they say, you'll do fine.
[email protected]
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RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Feb 20 2008, 1:18 AM EST
I have tried upgrading to WM6, and followed the instructions from the "Readme" file on installation. aAfter several attemts of upgrade, I also get error "260....connection error"!! However, you gotta be careful repeating upgrading the ROM unsuccessfully, because it will be burned (and the device might not work again)!! Do you find this valuable?    

RE: Upgrade to WM6 for 8525 unsuccessful. What now?
Feb 29 2008, 3:59 PM EST
The Docs are wrong. You need to plug in the device BEFORE the doc tells you to (before starting the upgrade process, in fact). When you run the update after activesync has established a connection, the screen on the phone will go black, activesync will quit, and the phone's display will change to three big colored bars. You will probably also freak out - DON'T - this is what is SUPPOSED to happen, apparently, even though it is not documented. If you continue to the next screen in the update program, it will try to determine the ROM version on your phone. It will show it as blank - that is OK. Click next and you will see a progress bar show on the phone, and shortly thereafter you will see the progress bar start on the PC as well. Let it do its thing and you will be good to go in about 10 minutes. 3  out of 3 found this valuable. Do you?    

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