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Notice: Please be careful when downloading applications for your smartphone. Neither HTC nor the HTC Wiki can assure that all the links posted here are valid software and not malware. For more information see the HTC Wiki Validity of Content page.

What are the best apps for the iMate JAMin? Recommend your favorites on this page.

Optimized for the iMate JAMin by Orneta:

  • Notepad Mobile
  • Reader Mobile
  • Calculator Mobile
  • Paint Mobile
  • Chess Mobile
  • Checkers Mobile
  • Reversi Mobile
  • Go Mobile
  • Explorer Mobile
  • Tester Mobile
  • Biorhythm Mobile

Orneta applications and entertainment titles are theme aware, resolution aware, and orientation aware. The highly regarded Reader Mobile is among the best sellers for the iMate JAMin. Install directly from the device @ http://mobile.orneta.com/.

  • Spb Pocket Plus and Spb Time are 2 great applications that work fine on this device. Spb Time gives you all the functionality of a world clock, alarm clock, and stopwatch in one application. Pocket Plus is the most powerful Today plug-in with tabs. Close button that really closes. ZIP support in File Explorer. And many other features missing in official OS updates in one product.
iMate JAMin Applications - htcwiki
  • More iMate applications can be found at http://handster.com/imate_software_downloads.php

  • Welcome to Windows Mobile Upgrade Center ! Here you can find all necessary software to upgrade and freshen up your WM Pocket PC to next generation Windows Mobile. Currently available: FunContact - Windows Mobile contact manager and AstroNavigator II - Windows Mobile astronomy software.

Touch oriented mobile launcher and switcher

GoodWin is the best launcher with finger-friendly interface. Tapping big icons to run necessary programs or opening system settings is very easy. GoodWin displays everything you can launch on a single scrollable screen devided into three sections: Favorites & running, Programs, Settings. GoodWin is designed to allow you to launch anything with just one tap.
  • one tap to launch any application or system settings applet
  • one tap to see new SMS/text or email messages, active tasks, missed calls
  • one tap to access battery settings
  • one tap to change phone profile: ring, vibrate, or silent
  • one tap to access time & date settings
  • one tap to access phone settings

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