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Telus Touch Pro Keypad Not Responding Troubleshooting Flow

PROBLEM No response from the keys on the Slide out QWERTY Keyboard or front facing hardware buttons.

Keywords · Touch Pro · Windows Mobile 6.1 · Unresponsive Keypad

ENVIRONMENTS · Touch Pro · Windows Mobile 6.1 · Verify that the device is running the latest ROM: Start>Settings>System Tab>Device Information. Compare the version shown on the device with the latest found on www.htc.com/ca.

Pre-requisites · Familiarity with how to perform a Soft and Hard Reset on the Touch Pro. · Rule out physical/liquid damage.

1. Is the issue with any of the re-assignable buttons on the device (the only button that can be reassigned on this model is the Press and Hold function of the Send Call button)? · If so, go to Start>Settings>Personal Tab>Buttons and check the assignment. · If the value is set to none, no action will take place when that button is pressed.

2. Rule out 3rd party applications by removing them: Start>Settings>System Tab>Remove Programs.
· The Device must be Soft Reset using the stylus after removing the 3rd party applications.

3. Is the issue seen after removing all 3rd party applications and performing the Soft Reset?
· If so, perform a Hard Reset and allow the Customization process to complete.
· The hard reset will remove all of the customers’ data and settings and restore the device back to the state that it was in out of the box. Once the Hard Reset is done, the customers’ settings and data CANNOT be recovered. If possible, have the customer back up their data before proceeding with the Hard Reset.

4. Once the Hard Reset and Customization process have completed, retest the device. 5. If the issue remains, the device will need to be replaced/repaired.

How to perform a Soft Reset on the Telus Touch Diamond
With the device powered on or off:
1. Remove the Stylus.
2. Remove the Battery Cover.
3. Insert the tip of the stylus into the Reset hole located to the right of the USB port. The device will then go through the Boot process.

How to perform a Hard Reset on the Telus Touch Diamond Note: This method can be difficult so whenever possible, use the Clear Storage option.
  1. Power the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down and Center Navigation Button at same time, do not release.
  3. Press Power button and hold for a 3 count (quickly – say one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three). 1-2 seconds is too short, 4-5 seconds is too long.
  4. The screen will instantly show the text to hard reset (this is a white screen with Blue text that provides the next steps to complete the Hard Reset. If you do not get this screen, power the device off and try again).
· Warning! Your device will be set back to factory default settings. Please ensure any additional installed programs and/or user data is backed up before proceeding.

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