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HTC produces a wide range of smartphones, and for its own purposes gives each device a "codename." When a distributor or phone network wants to sell one of HTC's devices, it rebrands the phone to its own specifications, sometimes changing the color, the design on the case, and parts of the software. The smartphone also receives a new name. Because of the rebranding process, there are many phones with different names that are actually the same device. Below, each device is listed with its HTC codename first, followed by a list of a.k.a. (also known as) names of the device's various branded models.

Notice: Please be careful when downloading applications for your smartphone. Neither HTC nor the HTC Wiki can assure that all the links posted here are valid software and not malware. For more information see the HTC Wiki Validity of Content page.

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Smartphone Guides - htc

FaradayCIngular 2125

(a.k.a Orange SPV C600, Cingular 2125)
T-Mobile SDA

(a.k.a. T-Mobile SDA, Dopod 577W, i-Mate SP5/SP5m, Qtek 8300/8310)
Qtek 8500
a.k.a. Qtek 8500, iMate Smartflip, Dopod S300, Orange SPV F600, Cingular 3125)
HTC Smartphone Wiki - htcwiki

(a.k.a. Orange SPV, Qtek 6080, Dopod 515)

(a.k.a. Qtek 8010, Orange SPV C500, i-mate SP3, Audiovox SMT5600)
HTC Smartphone Wiki - htcwiki

(aka HTC S620, T-Mobile Dash, Rogers S621)
HTC S720

(a.k.a. OKTA Boss Telecom NZ)
HTC Herald


(a.k.a. T-Mobile Wing) S720 (a.k.a. OKTA Boss Telecom NZ)
HTC Dream

provisioned by Rogers Canada, running Android 1.5
Telus HTC touch P3050

Smartphone Guides - htc

T-Mobile MDA Vario
(a.k.a. T-Mobile MDA Vario, Orange SPV M3000, iMate KJam, Qtek 9100)

Cingular 8125

(a.k.a Cingular 8125, Cingular 8100, Qtek A9100)

Sprint PPC-6700
(a.k.a. Sprint PPC-6700)
HTC P3600

HTC Trinity
(a.k.a HTC P3600, Orange SPV-M700)

(a.k.a. MDA Compact 2)

Verizon PPC-6700

imate JAMin

(a.k.a. iMate JAMin, Dopod 818 Pro, Orange SPV M600, Qtek S200, O2 Neo)

HTC Smartphone Wiki - htcwiki

(a.k.a. iMate JasJar, Qtek 9000, Orange SPV M5000, XDA Executive, MDA Pro, Dopod 900)

HTC Smartphone Wiki - htc

(a.k.a. HTC MTeoR, Qtek 8600, Dopod 595, Orange SPV C700, i-mate SPJAS)
Blue Angel
Blue Angel
(a.k.a. Orange SPV 2000, MDA III, XDA IIs, i-Mate PDA2k, Qtek 9090)
(a.k.a. Orange SPV 1500, Qtek 2020i, XDA IIi, PDA 2)

HTC Smartphone Wiki - htcwiki

(a.k.a. O2 Xda Mini, MDA-compact, Dopod 818, I-mate JAM, QTEK S100/S110, Orange M500)

(a.k.a. Advantage X7500/X7501, T-mobile Ameo)

(a.k.a. Orange SPV M1000, XDA II, Qtek 2020, MDA II)

(a.k.a. TyTN, Vodafone 1605, Orange SPV M3100, Cingular 8525)
HTC Shift
(a.k.a. P3300)
HTC "Nike" Touch Dual (P5500 / P5520)
Touch Dual
("Nike" P5500 / P5520)

HTC Mogul
HTC Mogul
(a.k.a. Telus P4000, Sprint Mogul, HTC Titan 100, Bell HTC 6800, Verizon XV6800)
CiB-PhhlhjgN1aBpYYgffw37553.jpg picture by thedude023
HTC Touch Diamond 2

LeBzs6aNz5_2cGossAS9OA38381.jpg picture by thedude023
HTC Touch HD
XaBM3JQWNXSrh93Ict-5mQ33106.jpg picture by thedude023
HTC Touch 3G

yHfmCoVh6EN5-nlYNBkAOw47376.jpg picture by thedude023
HTC Touch Pro 2