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Hi everyone and welcome to the HTC Windows Mobile Wiki. This is a community site, a place for Windows Mobile users to post tips, tricks, ideas, rants and raves. But most importantly its your site. So please join HTC employees and partners in contributing to this site.

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HTC produces a wide range of phones, and for its own purposes, gives each devide a 'code name.' When a distributor or phone network want to sell one of HTC's devices, they rebrand it to their own specification, sometimes changing the colour, the physical design on the case, and parts of the software, they also give the device a new name. Because of the rebranding process, there many products with very different names, which are actually the same device. Below, each device is name with its HTC code name first, and then follows a list of AKA's (also known as) to show the various names the device is rebranded as.

FaradayCIngular 2125
(aka Orange SPV C600, Cingular 2125)

Cingular 8125
(Cingular 8125 version)

Sprint PPC-6700
(aka Sprint PPC-6700)

T-Mobile SDA
T-Mobile SDA

(aka T-Mobile MDA Vario, Orange SPV M3000, iMate KJam, Qtek 9100)

Verizon PPC-6700

Verizon XV6700

imate JAMin
(aka iMate JamIn, Dopod 818 Pro, Orange SPV M600)

(aka iMate JasJar, Qtek 9000, Orange SPV M5000, XDA Executive, MDA Pro)

Qtek 8500
(aka Qtek 8500, iMate Smartflip, Dopod S300, Orange SPV F600, Cingular 3125)

Blue Angel

Blue Angel
(aka Orange SPV 2000, MDA III, XDA IIIs, PDA2k, Qtek 9090)


(aka Orange SPV 1500, Qtek 2020i, XDA IIi, PDA 2)

(aka Orange M500, iMate Jam, MDA Compact, Qtek S100)

HTC Canary
(aka Orange SPV, Qtek 6080, Dopod 515)

(aka Orange SPV M1000, XDA II, Qtek 2020, MDA II)

(aka Hermes, Vodafone 1605, Orange SPV M3100)

Wikis are a great way to spread knowledge about devices, create a user community to answer questions regarding how to use smart phones and--hopefully--spur people to post fun and creative applications and uses of the device. We've started the wiki by seeding some basic information about the current devices available in the American market, but we're leaving it up to you, the user community, to take it to the next level by filling out the content, adding international devices. And, as we really want this to be about the smart phone community (not just HTC and Windows Mobile) feel free to create new pages about other manufactures and operating systems.

To contribute you've first got to sign in. If you're new to the site and wish to contribute, you will need to register. It's quick and easy and gives you access to comment and contribute on almost all the pages or create new pages.

A few housekeeping items (you knew they were coming!):
  • While this wiki is operated by HTC, it's content is not managed by HTC. So please keep that in mind when you're following instructions, downloading apps, etc.
  • Keep the language clean--no need to flame or be offensive. We're all grown-ups, right? We'll pull down any posts that cross that line
  • While we want people to post on tips, tricks and apps, any blatant grafitti or or posts that violate the usage agreement will be removed.

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    Anonymous   Aug 6, 7:22 AM EDT Someone from your company in joining my network with the MAC address of 00:09:2D:76:B64E. I find it very distrubing, I have written before about it and now your sight of contacting has been changed...stay off my frickin computer! No replies yet | Post a reply 1  out of 2 found this comment valuable. Do you?    
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    Contact HTC
    Anonymous   Aug 5, 1:08 PM EDT Can anyone tell me how to contact HTC here in the UK? No replies yet | Post a reply 0  out of 1 found this comment valuable. Do you?    
  • chris
    Seeking Recommendations
    chris   Jul 27, 7:20 PM EDT Cool site! I am in the market for a new phone. Would love to hear recommendations on which model is best. 1 reply | Post a reply 0  out of 6 found this comment valuable. Do you?    
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