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I have some problem with my upgrade of my TYTN II or Kaiser P4550.

I download the firmware of the TYTN II that will be available into the e-club and doiing my upgrade! My real problem begin at this moment. THe phone won't work from that time I begin the upgrade!

I send it to the RMA department and they found noting wrong after 7 days of work day on it! They send me back last friday and still have the same problem! After few call to the tech support and the RMA department, I finally know that the version of my TYTN II is to old to accept this upgrade! Bullshit or not! don't know but is very hard to believe it! Now the technicien told me to find to old version of the firmware in google and put it back! WOW! this service is certainly not a gold one!

Anyway, someone has the same problem by upgrading his TYTN II to Windows Mobile 6.1?

Any good HTC technicien read this forum?


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