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Telus HTC Touch P3050 - Soft Reset

All you need to do is push the reset button with the stylus on the bottom of the device

Telus HTC Touch P3050 Soft Reset

Telus HTC Touch P3050 - Hard Reset

!Warning this will remove all data and return all settings to default!

1.Press and hold the TALK and END buttons, and at the same time, use the stylus to press the RESET button at the bottom of your device.

2.Release the stylus, but continue pressing the TALK and END buttons until you see the following message on the screen: This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer default. Press the Action button to restore manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel.


1.Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Clear Storage.

2.Enter “1234” then tap Yes.

Telus HTC Touch P3050 - Bootloader


Telus HTC Touch P3050 - Set A Password

Tap Start|Settings|Lock

Now check the box that say's "Prompt if device unused for" and select the amount of minutes you would like the device to wait before requireing a password wile sleeping (select 0 to ask for password on wake up no matter the amount of time passed).

Select password type and enter your password and confirm by entering it again in the space below.