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HTC 5800 Questions

This is a section dedicated to questions regarding the HTC 5800 mobile device, If you have any questions that are not listed in this section, Please feel free to request for a certain question to be added to this section if it hasn't already.

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adrian9 HTC 5800 FUSION! HELP!!! 0 Tuesday, 5:44 PM EST by adrian9
Thread started: Tuesday, 5:44 PM EST  Watch
Okay; so I woke up this morning and turned on my phone; however, my phone turned on and froze at the Qwest logo. I tried charging my battery, taking out the battery, letting it die, and turning it off and on. Nothing seems to work. Any seggestions? i thought maybe i could hard reset it; however, i don't know how to from the outside of the phone, as all I can see is a big QWEST symbol. PLease help?
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