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Fuze Tips & Tricks

General Tips
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Change the sleep and backlight settings Start > Settings > System (tab) > Power. On the Advanced tab of the Power settings screen, you can specify when your device turns off (to conserve battery power). Note: Changing these settings will impact the length of time that the screen stays on while on a call
Switch to/from sleep mode Tap the Power button once, or remove the stylus from the device to wake it up
Add or remove cities in the Weather tab of TouchFLO 3D Tap Menu > Add Location or Remove Location. Note: Add Location will only be available if there is room for more cities, this application will support up to 10 cities at a time.
Switch between cities in the Weather tab of TouchFLO 3D. Quickly swipe your finger upwards or downwards on the current weather to switch cities.
View a 5-day weather forecast. Tap 5-day while viewing current weather.
Switch the function of the Long Press End Key Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Long Press End Key
Lock the device screen and keys First, verify your Long Press End Key settings and ensure that “Lock Device” is selected. Next, press and hold the End Call Button
Change font size to see more/less content on the screen Start > Settings > System tab > Screen > Text Size tab; use the onscreen slider to adjust the text size.
Close running applications Tap the Quick Menu icon in the upper right of the Today screen and tap the X next to the application you want to close
Access the Camera Slide to the Photos and Videos tab in TouchFLO 3D and tap the Camera or Video Recorder icon, or tap Start > Programs > Tools > Camera
Switch between Camera capture modes Tap the center of the screen while in the Camera application to access the capture mode menu
Preview pictures in the Photos and Videos tab in TouchFLO 3D Swipe your finger upwards/downwards on the image to switch between the different pictures in the device memory
View a picture in full screen From the Photos and Videos tab of TouchFLO 3D tap the picture you want to see full size
Rotate a picture in the HTC Photo Album Rotate the device
Zoom in/out of a picture in the HTC Photo Album While viewing a picture full screen, draw a clockwise circle on the picture to zoom in; counterclockwise to zoom out -- or use your finger to circle the navigation button
Adjust the size of the clock on the Home tab Quickly swipe your finger upwards on the face of the clock to shrink the clock -- swipe downwards to make the clock larger
Adjust the time, time zone, or alarm clock settings Tap on the clock from the Home tab
Start Up Sound The startup sound is controlled by the setting for the System sound and can be adjusted by using the Volume Up/Down button on the left side of the device.
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Access Messaging Tap Start > Programs > Messaging or slide over to the Mail or Messages icon in TouchFLO 3D
Messaging Shortcuts While in an email box, press and hold the QWERTY H key to see a pop up list of messaging shortcuts.

Open selected message Tap on the message
Compose a new message Using TouchFLO 3D on the Today screen, slide to Messages or Email, tap the New Message icon in Text Messages (for a new SMS or MMS) or New Email icon in email.
Reply to a message For email, open the message and then tap Reply.For SMS or MMS, open the message, enter text and tap Send.
Reply to All For Email, from within the message select Menu>Reply>Reply All. This option is not available for SMS or MMS.
Forward a message From within the message select Menu > Reply > Forward
View text messages Switch to the Messages tab in TouchFLO 3D or tap Start > Programs > Messaging > Messaging > Messages
Switch between messages in TouchFLO 3D Quickly swipe your finger upwards or downwards on the e-mail to switch e-mails
Switch between emails in TouchFLO 3D Quickly swipe your finger upwards or downwards on the e-mail to switch e-mails
Switch between email accounts in TouchFLO 3D Tap the account icon on the right side of the email screen.
Quickly add common messages to an email or SMS From within the message, tap Menu > My Text and tap a desired message
Check spelling From within the message tap Menu > Spell Check
Check voice mail messages Tap the New Voicemail icon from the Status bar on the Home screen or press and hold the 1 key on the Phone keypad.
Set the message priority for an email While composing the message, tap Menu > Message Options and select the priority from the drop down menu.
Store attachments on the Storage rather than on the device From Start > Programs > Messaging > Messaging, select Menu > Options > Storage tab. Select "When available, use this storage card to store attachments" check box
Always include the original message when replying to messages From Start> Programs> Messaging>Messaging, select Menu>Options>Message Tab select "When replying to e-mail, include body" check box
Change the text size of a message Use your finger to circle the navigation button
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Open the default web browser (Opera) Slide to the Internet tab of TouchFLO 3D and tap Browser.
Browse to Web address Type in Web address in the address bar that appears at top of screen.
Set a homepage In Opera, navigate to the desired page and then tap Menu icon (in the lower right corner) and then Settings > Start Page. Select Use Current and tap either the X or checkmark in the lower portion of the screen to save and close. In Internet Explorer, browse to the desired homepage and tap Menu > Tools > Options > General (tab) -- then to use the displayed page as the homepage, tap Use Current
Rotate the screen to landscape view Simply rotate the device lengthwise NOTE: Only available Photo, Albums, and Opera.
Zoom in to a webpage in Opera Double tap the area you want to zoom in on or slide your finger Clockwise around the Center Navigation control or on the screen.
Zoom out of a webpage in Opera Double tap the area you want to zoom out on or slide your finger counter-Clockwise around the Center Navigation control or on the screen.
View different parts of the webpage Tap and hold your finger on the touchscreen and drag around the page
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Open Phone screen Press the Send/Talk Button
Make a call Tap numbers to dial on the screen then press the Send/Talk button
Call selected name or number Slide to People in TouchFLO 3D and select your contact from your favorites or tap All People to see all contacts
Turn mute on/off during call Tap the Mute icon on the Call Status screen
Switch between Speakerphone and earpiece during a call Tap the Speaker icon on the Call Status screen or press and hold the Send Call button.
Change volume during a call Use the up/down volume button on the side of the device during a call
Adjust the ringer volume Use the up/down volume button on the side of the device anytime and select Ring Volume the tab at the top
Silence an incoming call Tap the Mute Ring icon on screen, or simply turn the device over so it is face down.
Write a quick note while on a call Pull the stylus out of the device while on the call -- this will launch the notes application so you can jot down notes from your call
View phone call logs Start > Phone > Menu > Call History or tap Call History on the Home Screen.
Place a call using Voice Command software Press and hold the Send Call Button until you hear the beep -- clearly say "Call < contact name >"
Calendar & Contacts
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Access the Calendar Tap the Calendar on the Home tab in TouchFLO 3D to access the calendar, or tap Start > Calendar
Access addresses and phone numbers from Contacts From the Home tab in TouchFlo, tap Contacts or navigate to People from the Home Tab in TouchFlo and tap All People.
View or edit a calendar appointment From within the Calendar, tap the specific calendar entry, then Menu > Edit to modify it
Add a new calendar entry From within the Calendar tap Menu > New Appointment
Delete an appointment From within the Calendar , highlight the specific calendar entry then tap Menu > Delete Appointment
Move between days Tap the desired day from the Date bar or Select Day / Week/ Month/Year Soft key.
Add a picture or assign a ring tone to a New contact Access Contacts. Tap New > Outlook Contact and enter the contact information (there will be areas to select a custom picture or ringtone). Tap OK to save. Note: Contacts must be saved to the device not the SIM in order to add a ringtone or picture
Have the time entered automatically in Day view for a new appointment From within the Calendar > Week View with the desired date in view, tap the time slot for the new appointment, and tap Menu > New Appointment
Create a contact from Call History Access Call History by going to Menu > Call History from within the Phone application. Tap and hold on the desired entry and select Save to Contacts.
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Access onscreen keyboard While in a text entry field, tap the keyboard icon at bottom of screen.
Change the type of the onscreen keyboard being used Tap the arrow icon next to the keyboard icon and select the desired keyboard
Type a single uppercase letter On either the onscreen and slide out keyboard, tap/press Shift and then the corresponding key.
Type all uppercase letters On the onscreen keyboard, tap Shift. On the slide out keyboard, Tap Shift twice to enter CAPS mode
Enter a number or a symbol On the onscreen keyboard, tap the 123 button. On the slide out keyboard, press the FN button and the corresponding key
Enable or disable T9 predictive text On the onscreen keyboard, tap the ABC T9 button to switch between modes. On the slide out keyboard, press FN and the T9 button.
From the Today Screen
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Switch between the different tabs of TouchFLO 3D Slide your finger across the face of the touchscreen left-to-right or right-to-left, or tap and hold on the current tab then drag your finger across the icons on the screen, or use the left or right keys on the 5-way navigation pad
Return to the Home tab of TouchFLO 3D Tap the Home icon on-screen or press the Home button on the navigation pad
Customize the Today screen, including the background image Start > Settings > Personal Tab > Today
Customize TouchFLO 3Ds background image Access the Settings icon in TouchFLO 3D and tap Wallpaper
Move cursor or highlight items on the screen Use the 5-way Navigation Pad or tap on the screen
Open or select items Tap on the icon using your finger or stylus -- you can also use the center navigation key
Return to the Today Screen Press the Home Button from within any application.
Access the System Status screen Tap anywhere on the Notification area next to the Start button at the top of the screen (data indicator, signal bars, speaker, battery, etc)
Dismiss notifications (alarm, reminders, new message indicator, etc) Access the System Status screen then tap on the notification to view and dismiss it

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