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(a.k.a. Orange SPV 2000, T-Mobile MDA III, O2 XDA IIIs, imate PDA2k, Qtek 9090, Siemens SX66, E-Plus PDA III, Tata Indicom Ego)

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The Register - "It may sound like an escort agency, but that hasn't prevented it being picked up by Europe's key networks and plenty of others around the world."

MoDaCo - "Although this device is going to be targeted at the business user its capable of a lot more. Games play very well and the joypad (bug aside) is great for everything I've thrown at it. "

Review from User Nashev:
At current time it have only five imperfections -
  1. mechanical joint for slider keyboard (IMHO, this keyboard is rarely needed feature)
  2. not so fast processor with
  3. not so much memory
  4. absence of GPS
  5. not supported SD HC
But there are many very useful features:
  1. full format socket for mostly used memory cards and SDIO devices
  2. Operating system MS Windows Mobile 2003 SE, nor inexplicably popular 2005 or 2006 versions with ugly bottom buttons
  3. 8(eight!) programmable hard buttons and bidirectional slider for very useful binding user programmes and functions. I bind screen rotation, book, mp3 player and brightness adjusting to some of then and now very happy! In all later devises essentially less buttons, and more - 2 of them impudently binded to MS bottom screen buttons!
  4. WiFi
  5. BlueTooth
  6. IrDA
  7. and - of course GSM/GPRS
  8. displaysize is the best in use - it is 3.5", nor little ugly 2.8" that all make in this time
  9. display resolution is 320x240, that is optimal for text reading (with ClearType take off) and all other tasks that can be in PDA, and not so want to processor time,memory and battery working time.

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